Dear Realtors: Nobody Has Any Money - Video

Sorry this is super late, I've been working a lot lol
Today we cover:
Mortgage payments poised to soar
February GDP Stats
Spring market “heating up”
Who WIll Solve the Housing Crisis?

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00:00 Intro
01:02 Merch Alert!
01:35 Mortgage Payments About to Soar
04:13 “Hot Spring Market” Seems A Bit Cold
05:35 Nobody Has Any Money
08:24 Who Will Solve the Housing Crisis?

Rob Marsiglio:
Canadians about to see mortgage payments soar (Globe & Mail)
Interest rates for new and existing lending (Bank of Canada)
Canada 5-Year Bond Yield (MarketWatch)
BAX Market Interest Rate Expections (Montreal Exchange)
February GDP Numbers (Statcan)
Quarterly Population Estimates (Statcan)
Canada on track for seventh consecutive quarter of negative per-capita GDP growth (RBC)
Canada misses GDP growth forecasts (Reuters)
Canada’s unemployment growing faster than peer countries (National Bank)
Spring housing market poised to be “very hot” (Financial Post)
GTA housing market shows signs of spring thaw (BNN Bloomberg)
Toronto March 2024 housing market stats (TRREB)
2023 home sales were a 23-year low (Reuters)

[NOTE: I'll post the rest of the source list later, I'm going to try to chase the auroras I missed yesterday!]
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